About Us

What we do at Panoptic Global Wealth Management...

Our Goal:

Our goal is to provide you with personal and professional service in investment management, estate planning, and client protection.  We are a fiduciary firm.  In the investment world the word fiduciary has a particular meaning, and only certain firms pledge to uphold its requirements.  As a fiduciary investment advisor, we act solely in our clients' best interest and are held to the highest standards of professionalism.  We have no obligations to banks, brokers, or other relationships that could divide our loyalties or otherwise harm our position as your advocate for all things wealth management.

Our Promise:

Our promise is that we hold trust, knowledge, integrity, and transparency as our core values.  We believe that our expertise results in better investment decisions and more meaningful solutions to a wide-range of our clients' needs.  We’ll guide you to make wise, sustainable choices and avoid unnecessary risks. We'll help you set clear expectations and map a course to meet them. Our promise is to preserve and help build your wealth while managing risk – to support your lifestyle and provide a legacy for your heirs.

Meet the Principal.  Anthony Park

Always here to help our trusted and valued clients with their personal financial needs.



Anthony Park started in Wealth Management after a successful career in Corporate Finance. He's currently in his 7th year as the Principal of Panoptic Global, helping families grow their assets and protect them.
He’s very interested in the stories his clients have. Understanding their needs, ability to assess risk, and their hopes and fears help him manage their funds according to their best interests. He also loves to help his clients save their money by brokering deals for them on large ticket items.
Meanwhile, the investment landscape has changed and for the better. Mr. Park has ALWAYS hated commission products as they were often anathema to his clients’ real needs and desires. He is adamant that Panoptic Global Wealth Management will always be a fiduciary fee-only firm, even if the Government can't decide what standard they want to hold. We believe that in a world of sharks, providing a safe haven is the best way to do right by our clients and maintaining the ultimate competitive advantage. Truth…imagine that.
Part of being a fiduciary means committing to obtaining the highest educational certifications. There are many “alphabet soup” designations out there and most of them are frankly, meaningless.  After much deliberation on the matter and given the tumultuous regulatory climate we’ve decided to make things simple. We think that the designations: Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Investment Management Analyst, Chartered Market Technician and Enrolled Agent are the most germane to the practice of wealth management and thus all advisors are required to obtain these certifications and we are in the process. Outside of wealth management, Mr. Park's primary foci are Asset Protection and Estate Planning. We have a stable of attorneys we use to do the actual legal work involved, as is required by most states. We feel strongly that Wealth Management must be at the forefront and all other issues: tax, estate planning, and asset protection must be made to serve the client portfolio.
At PGWM, we feel strongly that charitable giving is more than mere tax prep. It’s the bedrock of a civilized community. Mr. Park currently serves as the interim CFO of Agile4Autism.org, a planning system charity focused on ASD families. We also help with many animal charities and local dog rescues. We are unapologetic dog people.
His hobbies include: playing the Game of Go, being an avid fencer, karaoke, and spoiling rescue dogs.